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Article: A New Journey

A New Journey

A New Journey

When I first started dreaming of EVERYMAN it was simple. 
A single concept that elevates Barbering, Menswear, Coffee, & Alcohol all under the mission of mentorship.  

That mission hasn't changed but our business continues to morph into the dynamic, multifaceted concept it was meant to be.  At EVERYMAN we don't look at ourselves as resident experts in any of the areas we operate.  Instead, we view ourselves as explorers and curators constantly searching, learning, and growing.

Over the past decade I've been doing just that.  
Searching, Learning, & Growing.  
I've built relationships in the coffee, bar, menswear, and barbering community all over Oklahoma and beyond.  Those relationships coupled with hard work are beginning to bear fruit.  I've humbled myself to what I don't know and I've been uncompromising in my relentless search for knowledge and creating a lasting team to champion the categories in which we operate.  I'm indebted to our team for their buy-in which is showcased daily.  They are to credit for our success.  I'm also thankful for the many clients that trust us with their business even as we continue to learn.   Indeed, humility most frequently leads me to the all too real conclusion that, even after a decade, we've just scratched the surface. 

I'm committed to a lifetime of learning and service in all of the areas we operate here at EVERYMAN.  I want to bring value to our clients, our community, and our team.  It is in that spirit that I'm excited to announce I will be starting Barber School this December.  This decision did not come without much thought, prayer, and the support of those closest to me.  
I'm looking forward to this new journey. 
I'm slightly nervous. 
I'll be behind the chair instead of in it.
But the time is right. I'm ready.
Thanks for reading this.  
It means the world to me. 
Love you all. 

 Photography by Jake Hiatt 


drop me a line below.
i respond to all comments.  Especially Yours.




This is neato-cool, Bryson! Congrats on the new adventure!

Natalie Ambrose

Thank you all for your kindness. It means a TON to hear your words of affirmation in this new endeavor.

Aaron, yes indeed! I pride myself in saying I’ve sat in more Barber chairs than anybody I know and I’ve been a “student” of the craft for a long time. Moving behind the chair I’m sure will be an exercise in humility.

Connie, I really appreciate your comments. In particularly, that it will grow back. Sometimes it’s hard to know what somebody is going through. Social media can be a great equalizer. We’ve been so blessed to share our story and provide wisdom and comfort to others going through similar things but we aren’t alone. Onward and upward!

Lloyd, no sir! Wouldn’t be like me to add something new by quitting something old. ;)

Neil, we must make it so. Oklahoma isn’t all that much different from Canada from what I hear. So thankful you dropped me a word. Cheers brother!

Nicki, many thanks!

Wade, always thankful for a word from you. Appreciate the encouragement and hopeful for drinks in the future.

Jim, yes indeed. The team! I’m so excited to be able to work along side the incredible team of Barbers we’ve created thus far. Thanks for your continual support Jim.

Thank you all! Lights up my day when I see that you leave these comments.


J Bryson Baker

Very exciting! This will be quite an unexpected experience for you. Your mentees will become your mentors ☺️

Aaron Mālin

I am so proud of you! You have been such a strong young man. You give your 110% to everything you do.You’re up and Beyond greater than anyone I know! With all the things that your precious family has gone through you never give up. You come out stronger than before! You definitely get my vote for man of the year! I know you can handle this barber school, cause I did. Just remember it will grow back! Love you all!

Connie Kimmel

Outstanding. Does this mean the expansion is on hold?

Lloyd Caldwell

Hey Bryson – Best of luck with this new part of your adventures! Your energy, positive nature, and community-based work ethic will continue to serve you well. I hope, one day, to make it to Oklahoma and let you cut my hair, explore the offerings at EVERYMAN, and have a coffee or cocktail.
All best to you and your beautiful family from Canada,

Neil Wedin

So proud of you and excited for your new adventure! You’ll do great!


Congrats my friend. You continue to impress and I love having a front row seat to your journey.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Wade Tower

Good luck. I have no doubt you will do great and be another great barber in the line up

Jim Rhodes

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