barber for good

current fund balance as of 02.03.23



Barbering + Generosity

We currently have a two prong approach to giving back.

It’s all about the idea that we want to Barber. For. Good.

Local. We think it’s important that we have a touchpoint in giving back to the communities in which we operate. Our current shop in Stillwater launched an initiative called “Barber for Good”. Each month we plan for Barbers to giveback through offering haircuts to the underserved and underprivileged in our community.

Global. We also think it’s important to try and leave a mark on the world. We do this through our BarberForGood Investment Fund. Through this fund we help make loans to Barbers in third world countries. These Barbers needs funds to grow their Barbershops, invest in supplies, or better serve their communities. To date we’ve funded over $3,275 in loans. You can read about each of them at the link below.

When you book a seat in our chairs you help put clients in theirs.”

We BarberForGood and celebrate others who do the same.

$100 Loan funded by em 02.03.23

Mugabe - uganda

Mugabe is 35 years old and living in Nyabubare Bushenyi. Mugabe is married with 2 children and works hard to give them a decent life. 

He operates a barber shop in the town of Ishaka to earn income that facilitates his household financial expenses. 

He is using a loan to buy more equipment like shaving machines and sterilizer to improve his efficiency and service. 

BarberForGood Fund

$75 Loan funded by em 12.23

Juvenal Antonio - Colombia

Juvenal has a barber shop. He started his business because he enjoys working independently and needed to earn an income. Juvenal is 26 years old, single, and lives in the town of Dabeiba. 

He requested a loan to buy shavers, clippers, talcum powders, and shampoo so that he can restock his inventory of supplies. This will help him provide better service and improve his sales. 

His main goal in life is to have financial stability.

Barber For Good Fund

$50 Loan funded by em 10.22

John - Uganda

John is seeking a loan to further better his salon. He will buy a new sterilizer, facial scrubs, and a new set of machines. This will help him work on more customers, and will then earn him an increased cash inflow.

$50 LOAN FUNDED by EM 08.22

CARLOS-El SalvaDor

Carlos has worked as a hairdresser for 3 years, learning the occupation through workshops which he attended. He rents his barber shop in the local area.

He needed this loan to buy shavers to cut hair, and seats to provide higher level of service to his customers when they come to his barber shop.

$275 loan funded by em 05.22

Alvaro - Colombia

Alvaro is a 55 Barber who needed financing for new mirror and clippers for his Barbershop. He is married and lives with his wife and children in the city of Cartagena. He is known in his neighborhood as a respectable Barber and is greatest wish is to see how children and grandchildren get ahead.

$500 loan funded by em 04.22

Juan Carlos - el salvador

Juan Carlos dreams of improving his income and buying a car to commute to work. He needed funding to purchase some barbering tools to continue to provide quality service to his clients.