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Disaster Facials

    Our facial is backed by the best products from Triumph & Disaster.  It's a one hour appointment meant for relaxation & rejuvenation.  
    The Disaster Facial makes a perfect gift for the busy man in life.

Step 1: Wax 

Wax eyebrow, ear, and nose areas of the face to remove unwanted hair and provide a clear, clean, and smooth completion.

Step 2: Cleanse 

Any treatment that concerns skin begins with getting the dirt and oil off the skin.  Thus, the first step to an effective facial is to lightly scrubbing with Ritual Cleanser with Tamanu Oil that treats acne and blemishes.  


    Step 3: Exfoliate 

    To remove deep-seated dirt and dry skin, we moisten the skin and use Rock & Roll Face Scrub with volcanic ash.  

    Step 4: Steam 

    We apply hot steam and hot towels to open up your pores.   

    Step 5: Mask 

    We apply the Rock & Roll Scrub again to create an instant mask.  This is a drying clay-based mask.  A gentle massage of the hands while the mask is setting puts this facial over the edge gents.  The massage uses Triumph & Disaster's Cucumber Mint 100% Natural Conditioner. 

    Step 6: Close The Pores 

    We hit you with another hot towel and remove the mask.  Your pores open up after  being in contact with the steam and hot towel.  To prevent dirt and oil from entering your pores we close them by applying a cold towel. 

    Step 7: Tone 

    In order to refresh the skin and get rid of excel oil, we apply Logic Toner with special attention given to the nose, forehead, and chin areas.  The Witch Hazel in this product is a great astringent to fight blemishes.  The Alpine Willow Herb extract tightens pores, and Tazman pepper soothes irritated skin.   

    Step 8: Treat The Eyes 

    Treating those eye bags is as important as the rest of the facial treatment.  We use the Dichotomy Eye Syrum rich In Terminalla Ferdinandiana Fruit in this area.  

    Step 9: Moisturize 

    The most vital step in the process.  We apply Gameface Moisturizer to replenish and restore.  This keeps the skin soft and supple and your complexion even.

      Step 10: Voila!  

      We will brew you a fresh cup of coffee on the house + Take 10% off any T&D products.