Below checkout our reccomended fit guide. It's unapologetically stolen from our neighbors at "The Art of Manliness".

stand normal


Be sure when you look at yourself wearing your suit you are in a “natural stance”. This means standing up straight, feet inside of shoulder width, and arms laying relaxed at the side of the body. Be sure to be wearing your shoes. Refrain from extending arms, raising arms, or putting your body in a position not "suited for a suit".

snug is ok


When you put on your coat be sure to button the top button only. Never button the bottom button. With the coat buttoned the shoulder should lie flat. If you aren't use to wearing suits it may feel snug in the shoulders. As long as the shoulder is "just right" snug is ok.

flat fit

trouser seat

Trousers should not “cut” into you and should not wrinkle. The waist should be snug but not so loose that you can easily run more than two fingers between between the waistband and your body. If you suspect you have seat or waist issues take a picture and send to our Wedding Team in Honeybook. We’ll be waiting!

your style

trouser hems

This detail is somewhat preference. Take a look and make sure you are not too long or too short with the break. If you rented your trousers can be altered in length. If you purchased your suit your trousers will arrive "unfinished" and you will need to go to a tailor to get a hem that's perfect for your taste.

button closure


When you’re suit is buttoned, remember top button only, it should be snug. It shouldn’t be so snug that it pulls the lapel away from the body. It also shouldn’t be so loose that you can easily get more than two fingers between the closure button and your body.

shirt peaking out


We want to see 1/2’’ - 1.5” of shirt cuff peaking out from your coat sleeve.

wedding clients

if you suspect you have fit issues please send us a message with photos through your Honeybook Portal.

Texts, Phone Calls, Emails may be delayed so we urge you to use the Honeybook platform.

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