Johnny B

After Shave Spray

$ 16.00

Our collection of After Shaves are strong enough to disinfect skin and hair with its high alcohol content all while leaving a great fragrance behind. They dry fast on the skin, are gluten free, and are available in FOUR different fragrances. Professionals can use to close the pores after shaves and short cuts.

AM: After Shave fragrance notes include splash of citrus, patchouli and vetiver

NOON: After Shave Key fragrance notes include bergamot, sage and cedarwood

PM: After Shave Key fragrance notes include juniper berry, violet and musk

MIDNITE new! : After Shave Key fragrance notes mid notes of oud, vanilla, vetiver and musk.

How to Use:
Mist shaved area(s) from arm’s-length.

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