Selini New York

Selini New York - Men's Genuine Leather Polished Chrome Buckle Ratchet Belt

$ 31.50
This belt features a sliding, auto locking, belt buckle with a genuine leather belt strap. The genuine leather belt strap has strong rubber teeth sewn to the underside of the strap which the belt buckle slides allows for 1/8th inch adjustments. The belt straps are 46" long (excluding gray & navy), which allows you to cut it down. Choose between 7 belt strap colors; Black, Brown, Dark Brown, British, Cognac, Gray & Navy. The Buckles are made of a strong alloy. The buckle has a grip clamp with strong metal teeth to dig into the leather belt strap to keep it firmly in place. The sliding belt buckle can be easily removed and reattached to another color belt to match your daily style. High-Quality Alloy Sliding, Auto Locking Belt Buckle 46" Cut to size, Genuine Leather Straps 1/8th inch adjustments Removable belt buckle 7 Strap colors: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, British, Cognac, Gray & Navy. Gray & Navy Pre-Cut Sizes (30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40") 1 3/8" (35mm) wide strap Imported

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