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Shore Apparel - Biggie T

Sale price$ 30.00

Our signature Biggie Smalls Tee Collection are slim fitting with just the right amount of scoop at the bottom. They are unisex tees that have our signature Shore logo patch located at the bottom left. Build a street style wardrobe around these tees in every colour for every season. The shirts are made in our signature custom-milled cotton and perfected for a slim fit you and your smalls will love wearing.  Biggie Sizing:                           S                      M                     L Chest:         54 CM           54 CM            57 CM Length:       72 CM           73.5 CM         75 CM   Details: * Unisex fit. * Tall + slim fit * Twinning available in baby + kids sizes. Care Instructions * Cold machine wash. * Hang to dry. * 100% Cotton. * Please follow the care instructions carefully.   Colours may vary from picture, please see our IG @shore.apparel to see pictures in different lighting.
Shore Apparel - Biggie T
Shore Apparel - Biggie T Sale price$ 30.00