Steel & Barnett

Steel & Barnett - Leather Bracelet Bonacci - Dark Brown

$ 75.00
A Leather wrap bracelet for men. The Bonacci bracelet consists of three leather cords of top quality. A vintage round leather cord, a braided cord and a 8 strands cord. Diameter : 12mm x 4mm. We have created a range of beautiful designer wrist jewellery, combining highly polished/matt stones with elemental materials such as leather and nautical ropes. Each one is hand made in Belgium to exacting standards of traditional craftsmanship. So whether you favour a mix and match approach or want a talisman to wear always and for all occasions, you can always rely on Steel and Barnett. Our unique brand of wrist jewellery will always make you feel and look good, whatever life throws at you. M.Cohen, MCohen, Pig and Hen, Pig & Hen, watch, watches, buddha to buddha,

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