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JUNE 7TH @ 6:30PM



Larry kicks off our First Friday Festivities at 6:30 pm. He is a musician, singer-songwriter, performer, recording artist from Oklahoma ready to delight you with his tunes, from country to rock to everything in between.

At 9, Larry is followed by our host TND Entertainment with comedians that come to Stillwater from all over the state. We introduce them to you, do a short Q & A session, then we let them perform!

18+ show, Tickets only $5!

june 14th @ 6:30 PM


Connor Helm is a 17 yr old musician that enjoys playing Blues, Red Dirt and Jazz. Some of his musical influences are Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Billy Gibbons and Tab Benoit. He especially loves Blues because it's a style of emotion and soul put into music that you just can't find everywhere. You can find his recently released singles on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora.

Find him on the EM stage the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month at 5.

Check him out here

june 14th @ 8 pm

kyler smith & the sunday sinners

3-Piece Red Dirt/Americana band from Northeast Oklahoma!

Check them out here

june 15th @ 7 pm

ethan pacheco

Hailing from the blackland prairie region in Texas, Pacheco & Road Runners emerges as a musical force that seamlessly blends the soulful echoes of blues, the timeless storytelling of folk, with the raw energy of rock. Comprising four young hardworking musicians deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of the Lone Star State, Pacheco & Road Runners captures the essence of their surroundings in every note. With a magnetic stage presence that electrifies audiences, their live shows are a journey into their work ethic upbringing, where the prairie meets the spirit of the blues. Together, they weave tales of love, loss, and thought provoking subjects, creating a sound that resonates with authenticity and passion. Pacheco & Road Runners is more than another run of the mil band; they are a musical collective of persistent, goal driven musicians who are looking to change the scene.

Catch Ethan and his band on stage just before Dean Paul Willeford.

Check him out here

june 15th @ 9 pm

dean paul willeford

Songs that make you think, make you love and make you feel. It’s pure, it’s true, it’s singer songwriter, Dean Paul Willeford. His stories of Texas grit and love come from his life that will keep you wanting more and more. The lore, like a glass of fine wine, gets better with age.

Check him out here

june 21st @ 7 pm

black mesa

Groovy Indie Funk band from Tulsa that loves to jam and have a good time!

Check them out here

june 21st @ 9 pm

maddox ross

Maddox Ross, a talented singer-songwriter from Oklahoma, first captivated an audience at just four years old with a rendition of "Friends in Low Places," earning a tie for first place. Since that moment, he has been dedicated to pursuing his passion for singing and songwriting. Maddox draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, and Freddie Mercury, shaping his unique sound and musical style.

Check him out here

june 22nd @ 8 pm

casey west

Casey West is one of the fastest up and coming artists in the Red Dirt Music Scene, gaining over 20,000 fans on all social media platforms in the last 4 years throughout the Central United States.Casey West is a Singer/Songwriter from Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.  Casey's single "As A Crow Flies" has pushed him and his band to over 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

​His new single, "She's Going Away" Released May 4th, 2023. Youcan listen to his new single and his soon to be released music on all streaming platforms.

Purchase tickets here

june 28th @ 9 pm

robert allen

Robert Allen is coming to the Baker & Gambill's stage with some acoustic entertainment.

Check him out here