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February 22nd @ 9 pm

james ward duo

Members of the folk-fusion band Slapout formed in 2003, Derek McCubbin and John Posey broke free from their band’s annual hiatus during the winter to collaborate on some new instrumentals and cover tunes. John joined in 2022 and has performed with members of the group at the Stillwater Pumpkin Patch playing that spooky saxophone; performed at the Modella Art Gallery in April 2023; put on his boots and back to roots for Oklahoma themed music at Oklahoma State University College of Business’ leadership conference, the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation; and most recently completed a four-song recording in Tulsa at Teegarden Studios. Derek, founding member, has played and recorded guitar, drums, and vocals with the group for twenty years. He has played conferences, bars, galleries, streets and backyards.

FREE event!

february 23rd @ 7PM

White Subaru outback


February 23rd @ 8:30pm

Black Mesa

Groovy Indie Funk band from Tulsa that loves to jam and have a good time!

Check them out here

February 24th @ 8 pm


$5 Cover

Tulsa Oklahoma’s Bedlam band has emerged onto the music scene with their musical variety, high caliber musicianship, vocal precision and harmonies, entertaining audiences with their captivating sound, tight harmonies and multitude of vocal offerings. Cited as Tulsa’s best new variety band, Bedlam is building a buzz in the local music scene.

Bedlam was founded by a diverse group of like minded musicians with the sole vision of developing and maintaining a band that could consistently provide high level of entertainment, for everyone. With diverse musical influences, Bedlam set lists span five decades of great music, across multiple genres, which are customized to each venue. Upbeat songs that make you want to dance, feel good songs that make you want to sing along and ballads that make your heart erupt.

Check them out here

february 26th @ 9PM

White Subaru outback


february 27th @ 5:30 pm

Larry Newsom

Musician, singer-songwriter, performer, recording artist from Oklahoma ready to delight you with his tunes, from country to rock to everything in between.

Catch him before trivia! Free, all ages event!

Check him out here

February 28th @ 9pm

kanton teen and the penny pickers

Enjoy Kanton Teen and the Penny Pickers after Singo!

Check them out here

March 2nd @ 8pm

hammer lane hippies

18+ show, $10 cover

Тhe Hammer Lane Hippies are unlike any other band. Are they a Blues band? Grunge? Rock? The answer is all the above. They are a power house trio that writes and performs their own music from their heart and soul. Father and son duo, Mike and Tyler "Lee " Wells, have for many years shared a rare creative bond in song writing. February of 2023 is when drummer Gavin Brecheen came into the band bringing an energy and passion that completed the 3 sided puzzle. This band does not concern itself with Trending fads, genre, or the blueprint so many artists believe they must follow. Instead they choose to say a little something about this crazy thing we call life in the only way they know how…..Music!

Check them out here

March 5th @ 5pm

connor helm

Connor Helm is a 17 yr old musician that enjoys playing Blues, Red Dirt and Jazz. Some of his musical influences are Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Billy Gibbons and Tab Benoit. He especially loves Blues because it's a style of emotion and soul put into music that you just can't find everywhere. You can find his recently released singles on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora.

March 8th @ 6:30 pm

scotty laughlin

Oklahoma's next country star.

On the EM stage just before Downtown Funk. $5 cover

Check him out here

FRIDAY March 8th @ 8pm


Let's get Funky with Stillwater's BEST funk band. Elton John, Maroon 5, Wild Cherry, Michael Jackson, Pittbull, Bruno Mars. You're gonna want to get up and dance. We encourage it.


MARCH 30th @ 8PM


We have quite an eclectic influence in our music. We are a blend of classic rock, blues, with a hint of southern tones. Of course, we put our own unique twist on things. We write from a place of various life experiences that people can relate to. We have a vibrant stage presence and an undeniable love for music that we love to share with audiences made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

Our band consists of 4 members. Singer- Cory Blake of DFW, Tx, guitarist- Ridge Wieck of Joy, Ok, drummer- Eric Johnson of Stillwater, Ok, and bassist- Amanda Smith of Lawton, Ok. 

We have been playing various shows throughout Oklahoma and have shows lined up in Texas. We are looking forward to playing for more audiences in different locations . As of 2023 we officially surpassed the 200K mark in streams ,on Spotify alone, with people listening in 78 different countries around the world. We have been on The KATT’s local talent show numerous times and even were featured on the first show of the new year in 2023. We have even been interviewed by the Trailer Park Boys on their show ”The Roach Approach” live on SwearNet. We are hopeful that the next year will bring in more fans as we continue our musical venture. Rebel Rock Radio of Tulsa plays this at least once every day, and we have taken the number one spot on the countdown numerous times Big things are happening, including writing a new album, and we can’t wait to share it all with the world.

April 12th @ 10pm

Animal mother

We're Animal Mother. From OKC. We rock. We play music and it sounds like of Pearl Jam and Incubus had an elicit lovechild while Clutch watched in the corner, ashamedly.