loans of significance


through our kiva fund “vestiumbyem” we reinvest profit from our wedding business to fund loans to business owners in third world countries. scroll down to see what loan your wedding may have helped fund!

$2000 Funded

to date, our grooms have funded over $2000 worth of loans to business owners across the globe

Funded by em groom Christian bahl

Maria Fautina - Nicaragua

For the past three years, María has earned her income in the business of selling second-hand clothes. She does this work independently and it’s made her an ambitious woman. With her income she’s been improving her lifestyle and she’s continued to build up her stock.María has turned to MiCrédito for a Kiva loan to buy leggings, tracksuits, shorts, shirts and trousers wholesale. With this investment she’ll be able to have a higher income. In the future, María wants to carry out some home improvements.

funded by em groom Edwin

Marcos alberto - Paraguay

Marcos Alberto is from the city of Villarrica. He is 38 years old and is married to Maria and they have one son.

He is hardworking and does not give up despite difficulties. He looks for ways to give his family everything he did not have so they do not have to go without anything they need. 

He owns his own embroidery business making this a perfect fit for our Vestium Fund.

He is requesting this loan to repair his sewing machine, which will allow him to continue his work as he has been.


funded by EM groom Jim Burrows

Eduardo Francisco - ecuador

Eduardo Francisco is 28 years old and has 3 children. He is a hardworking man who seeks a way to earn his resources and thereby give his family what they need. He works selling clothing. His form of sales is door to door, at his house, and through social networks. He sells on credit and collects every 8 days. In this way, he is managing to earn what is necessary to give his family a decent life. This loan is to buy pants, t-shirts, blouses, dresses, children's clothing, and other clothes.


funded by em groom nile jarrell

darwin estalin - ecuador

Darwin is a 29-year-old young man, very hardworking and responsible. He lives with his parents in the city of Ibarra.

For two years, Darwin has worked part time at an ice cream shop, but for one year he has worked selling bales of clothing. He brings in this clothing in large quantities and sells them retail to his customers.

Darwin requested a loan to buy more clothing for resale.


funded by em groom Curtis Bryant

Jose Mauricio - honduras

Jose Mauricio is very hardworking and a model person, devoted to his home and his business. He lives with his family & works selling all types of men's clothing. He also sells shoes. He has very good customers.

Mauricio requested a loan to grow his business & is grateful for the support he has received.


funded by em groom josh vick

ider ernesto - ecuador

Ider Ernesto is a hard working tailor. He makes pants and shirts, as well as suits, for men and children.

This loan is for buying thread, fabric, and other materials for tailoring.


funded by em groom josiah ireland

leonardo fabio - columbia

Leonardo is a hardworking person. Thanks to his daily efforts, he is able to support his family. Some time ago, he started his business of selling clothes. With great effort, he overcame many problems that he encountered. He lives in the town of Monteria.


funded by em groom Kort cole

Solansh Lourdes - Nicaragua

Two decades ago, Solansh found herself without a job and needed income to get her children ahead on her own. So, she entered into retail, selling used children's clothing.


funded by EM groom Tyler laverty

ibrahim - jordan

Ibrahim is a tailor. He dreams big. He supplies several famous stores with lots of competition with his clothing line. He designs and makes clothes.

This loan will help him buy fabric for the coming winter season. His goal is to open a store of his own as well.


funded by EM groom JD rosman

shady - senegal

Khady is a courageous trader. She sells fabric for men and women. She has been doing this activity for more than five years by buying fabric in Dakar and re-selling it in her neighborhood. This trading activity allows her to cover her needs and her children's schooling.


funded by EM Groom of Joshua Haunpo

Ance - madagasgar

Ance used a previous loan to help build his resale business. He’s now looking to grow and expand his used clothing business.

funded by em groom DEVON McCORMICK

Jose - El Salvador

Jose needed a loan to purchase American brands for his retail clothing business.

funded by em groom ZACH YOUNGBLOOD 

Abraham - Uganda

Abraham needed a loan to purchase more jackets to sell at his shop in Alito Uganda.