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BARBER PRO - BARBER PRO Anti-Ageing Vitamin-C 10% Daily Serum

Sale price$ 9.95

The BARBER PRO ANTI-AGEING Serum with Vitamin C is an energising formula that tackles the signs of tiredness and ageing. Using the power of Blueberry, Yuzu Citrus and Sea Buckthorn, this formula will increase the skin’s hydration, brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark circles, redness, fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in Vitamin C, Blueberries provide vital nutrients to the cells to allow them to function to a high capacity and in turn helps your skin to appear brighter and more energised. Yuzu Fruit stimulates collagen production which renews the cells, improving elasticity and creating a smoother and more even surface. Sea buckthorn deeply hydrates the skin as well as protecting it from environmental stressors. Using this serum morning and night will help you to fight dull skin and wrinkles to achieve a bright, youthful and healthy complexion. The BARBER PRO Anti-Ageing Serum is 100% plant based.