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Now it’s easy to take your grooming routine with you! Our new Travel Brush with 100% boar's hair bristles won’t take up space in your suitcase, but still provides the same benefits of its big brother, all while sporting a sleek wood handle.

What makes boar's hair better than synthetic brushes? The surface of each bristle is scaly and draws dust and excess product from the hair as you use it. The bristles also stimulate the natural oils (sebum) present in the scalp, and draws them along the hair shafts, essential for keeping hair clean, healthy, shiny, and protected.

To maximize the efficacy of your new brush, we recommend cleaning it every month. To clean, simply wash the bristles only (facedown in a bowl—to keep the wood dry) with light soapy water and rinse. For quick washes a simple rinse will work. Towel dry and allow the brush to air dry overnight.

Starting with a dry beard, take your Travel Brush and brush your beard at the ends, first, then work your way toward your face. This will allow you to gently detangle your beard without causing knots to become tighter and harder to get out. Next, work the bristles through your entire beard. This will help remove any debris or dust that has settled in the hairs. Apply a dime-sized amount of Beard Oil and use the Travel Brush to distribute the oil along the hair-shaft evenly. After, you’ll be ready to style a tangle-free, manageable beard.

  • 6.07" L x 0.95" W
  • 100% boar's hair bristles
  • Premium wood handle