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&Collar - Breeze Blazer - Athletic Fit

Sale price$ 175.00

The best blazer on the planet, hands down. It's a bold claim, but the Breeze Blazer boasts almost (have to put that word in for the lawyers) unrippable 3D stretch, stain-repellent magic, handy pockets for days, moisture wicking and feather-light fabric, as well as the ability to be machine washed. The Breeze Performance Blazer is your solution to the suit jacket 'dreads' all men face at weddings, graduations, summer garden parties (if you're lucky enough to be invited to one), and your high school band concerts. *For best fit, go according to your traditional suit size (ie 40). &Collar's closest equivalent in shirt size is included as a help.
&Collar - Breeze Blazer - Athletic Fit
&Collar - Breeze Blazer - Athletic Fit Sale price$ 175.00